For students

We offer topics for reference theses (bachelor's, master's, doctoral) focused on environmental electrical engineering, the study of electrical discharges, the effects of lightning discharges and the diagnosis of phenomena related to them.

We currently have the following topics listed for possible student papers, but we welcome your own topics initiated by those interested in them:

  • Development of autonomous monitoring systems for the collection and remote transmission of environmental data
  • Electro-hydrodynamic crushing of polymeric materials
  • Electro-hydrodynamic crushing of extremely hard inorganic materials
  • The use of membrane contactors for the application of ozone in remediation wells
  • Sabatier reaction for modern energy purposes
  • Lightning discharge detection
  • Phenomenology of lightning discharges
  • Analysis of phenomena arising during electric discharges

Laboratory of Environmental Electrotechnics and Economics 

FEE CTU in Prague
  • LEEE is the part of  
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE) of the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU)

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